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Spam Text Generator is the best tool to convert your text to spam text. It is an open-source tool. You can use any designer font for individual and business use. Actually, I looked it up, and I didn't invent it. This is just the same 11 lines on repeat because you copy and pasted. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little ( ) comment was about to bring down upon ( ), maybe you would have held your ( ) ( ). That was how I got into synthwave. Now were gonna do it again. and this fancy big text you can use on your word document, GitHub readme.txt file, thats why i came here, 2 meet random ppl like me _ im 13 years old (im mature 4 my age tho!!) I asked her what I should write about (because I have zero creativity), and she said I should write about that. You know, I've been feeling kind of down about this LTE lately, because as I just mentioned, all I ever talk about is this LTE itself, there's no diversity, blah blah blah. Excuse me? I should have listened to my past self, who said not to do goals every day. Actually, I just figured out that there's an LTE longer than the Flaming-Chicken LTE. My computer crashed AGAIN, and I was ignorant enough to not save my work, so that means I have to start this part of the text all over again. Gr8 b8, m8. Its like what i say, the more you discount, the more you earn.. But if you were able to read up to this point congratulations, you suck. Hello, everyone! Everything you could ever say or write is on this website. It goes: , , . Well, I make posts in language-related subreddits, but the non-language subs that I look at are ones that I don't post anything to, because I know nothing about literally anything that isn't languages. Father say "Artour, potato harvest is bad. Goodnight! GO TO THE NEW ONE c.r74n.com ( ) . Click here for all the pages on this site! But at least I made the background a nice Alice Blue. I will love you with every part of my heart, and I will love you to She comes home from school for her lunch break. There seems to be an endless amount of spam text schemes. For example, I just used "e" as the seed and it produced a nice looking picture. Now she's asking me to write about how she likes yogurt. I r8 this b8 an 8/8. I speak Pig Latin with my sister sometimes. Okay, Bye. 42,549 characters divided by 127 days equals about 335 characters per day. Also, this comment can also be considered a copypasta. I just added translations of this LTE into various conlangs on my website! That's all I remember. My goal is to surpass THAT. In fact, there's an entire subreddit for that: r/iamsorandom. What are they? It won't actually cure your depression, but I'm desperate for speakers. Just type some text in the first box and then copy the messed up / hacked text from the second box (after perhaps adjusting the level of hackedness) and paste it into a text input form. hi every1 im new!!!!!!! Hey, do you ever feel like you never have any idea what youre talking about? This spam generator saves your time and helps to repeat text data to with ease. Bye! Because I said so far in the fact, that implies that were talking about the moment that fact was said, disregarding any future events. Most of the conlangs I start making die after 15 minutes. This is the LONGEST TEXT EVER! I should bring up a new topic, but I dont feel comfortable talking about much else. Actually, Viesa isnt a real language, so its less amazing then Elefen and Toki Pona, both of which are cool languages. Were here to help! You can share your Queries, Suggestions, or any type of Might as well continue writing in here for a bit. That's the most boring part of the LTE! Screw it, I'm gonna do it. 4. But my absolute lack of creativity means it's probably gonna stay that way for a long time. At least I'll have this section saved. In fact, heres the next bit: https://libraryofbabel.info/bookmark.cgi?lte:1. She types really slow, but I hope her LTE will be successful nonetheless. If any legitimate government agency needs to contact you, they will usually do so via mail or certified letter. I just put this entire text as the seed, and it generated something quite nice. I should sleep now. So I won't. bcuz its SOOOO random!!!! It's also crazy that the 2010s decade is almost over. "b" looks, um, good? So make it last >:), () You take the moon and you take the sun. To unsubscribe, text UNSUB to 7788. Well, I'm exaggerating. And since Im writing this on my phone, Im making a lot more typos than usual. Its not some crazy story, I met the guy in person at the convention in Dallas in September, 2008. Oh well. Have you heard of the Library of Babel? I think I'm gonna go again. Hey, remember last time I said it would only take a month? At this point, everything I've written today is longer than what can fit on the screen at once. I don't think I ever will. I'm tired, so I'm gonna go to sleep. I don't have the right vocabulary for this. My computer's screensaver is even still a DVD screensaver. Wasn't that a lovely story? But of course, she regained her hate and abandoned it. You know, the Shrek song? But what made me discover pointlesssites.com? Hi its me his sister. This is just the same 11 lines on repeat because you copy and pasted. Maybe it's time to get a bigger vocabulary? I've been trying to come up with something for the past 10 minutes, and I still have no idea. I will no longer make attempts to write a certain amount in a single day. Happy Pi Day! ( _), (_)\ Mr. Fors we politely ask for the program 'Plug-Dj" to be used in this live broadcast for alas we will stir up a ruckus (_), ( ) 's . She hates the languages I make! Hello, I'm back. Time for me to use this LTE as my dream journal yet again! Stay tuned for more fun adventures as you read through this LTE. Long live the WTLTE. That's why I don't usually write stories and instead write giant walls of text full of meaningless information, like the one and only WhileTrue's Longest Text Ever that you're reading right now. You never know, maybe an LTE that stopped being edited years ago will come back from the dead. Wow, it has been a while since I last added to this. They're just codes, and very simple codes at that. So I like eating my waffles becomes I like etin ma wafes. Morse Code is cool. Do you think it is okay to run more than one anti-virus program? Thank you, and have a good rest of your day. What if, in the future, students are reading this for a class assignment? No idea. thatissixfuckinghundreds and he never once vaped. I don't know why that happened, because I rarely play Minecraft anymore. I grow up in smal farm to have make potatos. But GUESS WHAT? Whatever. I've been talking about LTEs all day. (), (_)=//'' Keep Your Dongers Where i Can See Them, ''\\=( )=//' DUDE ''\\=( )=//' PLEASE NO COPY PASTERONI MACORONI DONGERIN, ( ) Mom always said my donger was big for my age ( ), ArcheAge or BEES , By the power of donger I summon MOLLY , WHAT DOESNT KILL ME ONLY MAKES ME DONGER , [$( )$] Mo' money, mo' Dongers [$( )$], HIT IT WITH THE FORK . Anyways, I just combined every single LTE I know of (including this one) and put it onto one single page on a Wikia wiki called "No Rules Wiki". If youre paying more than 11.1 cents/kWh for your electric, you may want to switch electric companies. And most of all, they let you capitalize words like This. A lot of them were cringy, like how I keep mentioning furry-related things. If you like our lennyfaces collections then dont forget to share the website link on your favorite social media platforms so that your friend can also enjoy sharing cute text faces. OR You can watch the video clip at this website: http://www.wlr.energy526.com/ http://www.wlr.energy526.com/ . I also had a dream where there was this game that I thought existed in the real world, but it didn't. You're ( ) dead, ( ). Copying text. Look it up on YouTube! Very uninteresting. The first time, I didn't save it. That's because I can't talk about anything for a long time. Goodnight! Dreams do that sometimes. From what I've seen, most other LTEs are pretty diverse, but mine isn't at all. I'm gonna see how many characters long it is. Quick maths. The Geisha Boy Full Movie. That is, unless that thing is languages or LTEs. I wish I could listen to that song for the first time again. Now she's saying that she's gonna watch Friends on three different devices. My computer crashed (but dont worry, I started writing this in Google Docs on my phone), and now Google Chrome wont open. That's a part of me that's slowly disappearing. By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. My earliest significant memories started in Kindergarden, which was in 2010. Along these lines, I am also looking to purchase a good dictation program, where I talk to it and it types what I say, preferably into Word. Now I'm asking her what else I should put in this text. , , , , , , IM DELETING YOU, DADDY! ]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]] 10% complete.. ]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]] 35% complete. ]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]] 60% complete. ] 99% complete.. ERROR! True Daddies are irreplaceable I could never delete you Daddy! Send this to ten other Daddies who give you cummies Or never get called squishy again If you get 0 Back: no cummies for you 3 back: you're squishy 5 back: you're daddy's kitten 10+ back: Daddy, Fuck a hater , hit a snitch , your my girl , my 5 star bitch , i love you more than any dick , && if i dont get this back , you aint worth shit !! I kinda figured that half of this text would be about languages. lolneways i hope 2 make alot of freinds here so give me lots of commentses!!!! OR You can listen to a recorded message at 888-254-0556 during the greeting, enter 601. I was inspired by the various other "longest texts ever" on the internet, and I I was inspired by the various other "longest texts ever" on the internet, and I wanted to make my own. It might be that big because of the 12,600 characters I wrote yesterday. The second time, the Neocities editor crashed. Right, I remember! Please visit the new improved website: c.R74n.com. It's like I lost all my creativity after four months. For those who don't know what I'm talking about, many DVD players had this screensaver where it was a DVD logo bouncing around the screen. I'm about to change that forever. But I no longer want to talk about it. I owe my life to Arteezy. IT WILL CURE YOUR DEPRESSION! It's strange. I've made a few movies with it myself, and many other people use it to make interesting stuff. That's the good news. We gave him position 1 farm so he could be a position 5. A great example of this are the items that were sold in the early 2010s compared to items sold today. I will now write something in Elefen. Read this text however you want to, it doesn't matter if you read this entire text from start to finish or not. I'm having a plastic surgeon install rotary blades, 30 mm cannons and AMG-114 Hellfire missiles on my body. Do any of y'all remember the DVD screensaver meme? I checked, and appearantly it's "I", with 59 uses! Try and translate that! reduce the infant mortality r8, all in the name of making gr8 b8 m8. Pretty long, but not as long as the top two LTEs (FlamingChicken and Hermnerps, both with around 200,000 characters). ( ), YOU CAME TO THE WRONG DONGERHOOD , YOU PASTARINO'D THE WRONG DONGERINO , YOU COPERINO FRAPPUCCIONO PASTARINO'D THE WRONG DONGERINO , You either die a DONG, or live long enough to become the DONGER , YOU ARRIVED IN THE INCORRECT DONGERHOOD, SIR , ( )*: clickty clack clickty clack with this chant I summon spam to the chat ( )*:, . I think it just reduces the fun, as well as the part of my life that isn't just writing huge walls of text. One day, I should translate this entire LTE into Viesa. If Viesa is too much for you, Pig Latin will probably be better for you. The word "I" makes up 5% of the words this text! If you remember, my sister did a little bit of keymash in this text a while ago. Hello, Im sending this to all of my friends/contacts. If its a company you believe youve done business with but you arent sure about any recent transaction, go online, find the companys website and locate their customer service contact information. Not that I think there's anything wrong with being a furry, it's just that it personally makes me uncomfortable looking back on it. You might not know one or both of those songs. I probably won't. And again. Sika Waterproofing Paint, I don't know anymore. Let's do 15,000 characters! But if you were able to read up to this point congratulations, you suck. My sister is watching Friends, as usual. YouTube Reccomendations, probably. "Understandable" is a pretty long word. I decided to do it on Viesa, my English code. Hello again. It would be nice if someone else was writing their own LTE along with me. She doesn't think it'll be fun. For real this time. Any text that attempts to verify your Apple ID or another technology account is suspicious. Today well share ten common spam text message examples and tips for fighting back against SMS phishing scams. She types everything with one hand. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Text SUB to 7788 to activate the same plan and rollover unused coupons. That was random, but let's discuss it anyway. I actually two laptops one is a Toshiba Satellite A205-S5825, running Vista Home Premium, which has a plug for a microphone and the other laptop is an Asus Eee PC (a tiny little guy), running Win XP, which has a built-in mic for the webcam. The RainbowFluffySheep LTE both started and was last updated in March 2018. You can use this font in the bio and the caption of your image/video, a description of Youtube video, and Stylish wishes on celebrations time, like (Engagement, Birthday, New Year, Marriage Anniversary, Valentine's Day, and many other special days. Constituent. Thats the word. It's also a pretty cool language. Literally nothing is happening right now. First, open the iPhone text message in questionmake sure not to click any links in the text bodyand tap the phone number on top. Today is the day I spam. But I didn't, and now I regret it. I just know I'll fail though. I didn't really care about how they roasted my language. This text is simply too long, and it'll be even longer than that by the time I pass 230,634 characters. nation radio scotland playlist today,

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