Xfinity 1 Year Agreement Cancellation

You don`t want to cancel your service if your cancellation fee exceeds the payment fee for the balance of your contract. So it`s important to do the math to find out which one is best for you. Keep in mind that your cable contract is legally binding. Sometimes you just can`t get out of paying these annoying cancellation fees. But then I decided to move, and I wasn`t sure I had Xfinity in my new place. So I called customer service and discovered that the cost of cancelling my contract on the internet would be $120, or $10 per month remaining. If I waited a month, it would drop to $110. You agree that Xfinity services and devices will only be used for personal, private and non-commercial purposes, unless we have specifically approved it in writing. You are prohibited from reselling all or part of the service or from authorizing any other service to use or use Xfinity Equipment or the Service directly or indirectly for illegal purposes, including, but without limitation, those who violate the guidelines we propose for the Service or Services.

The use of Xfinity Equipment or service (s) for the transfer, communication or storage of information, data or material that violates federal, national or local rules or laws is prohibited. You acknowledge that you accept this agreement on behalf of all persons who use Xfinity equipment and/or services in premises or other sites that we have authorized, and that you are solely responsible for understanding and respecting all other users of the terms and conditions of this Agreement and all applicable policies, including, but not only to our privacy and acceptable use policy ( You are responsible for any authorized and unauthorized use of the Service and agree to inform us immediately in writing or by phone at 1-800-XFINITY during normal business hours if the Xfinity device has been stolen or if the services are used without your permission. If you do not notify us on time, services may be terminated without notice and you may be charged additional fees. We recommend the performance package for the cheap Internet Xfinity. This package offers up to 100 Mbps of speeds at $39.99 per month for 12 months with a one-year contract. Subject to applicable law, we have the right to change our services, Xfinity equipment, prices and fees at any time with or without notice. We may also reorganize, remove, add or modify features or offerings contained in the Services, including features, hours of availability, device requirements, speed and fare restrictions upstream and downstream. We may forward any notification of changes to the Service and our relationship with you, including notification of any changes to this Agreement, in one or more of the following ways, as we understand it at our sole discretion: (1) by posting them on or any other website you have been informed of; (2) by mail or manual delivery to your premises; (3) by email to the email address for your account in our files; or (4) including information about or with your bill for the (s) service (s).