Virtual Team Operating Agreement

Working means almost more time in interactions with team members. The time spent planning for communication and communication is at least twice that of a joint team. In addition to formal meetings, the virtual project manager must find ways to mimic the informal and unforeseen interactions of a common team, such as catching and chatting someone in the lobby. Joint teams use these unplanned interactions inadvertently like their predecessors to solve problems and get the job done. While it does not seem possible to plan for the unexpected, it is possible to create informal and unforeseen practical ways for the team to interact regularly. DOCUMENT THE THINGS YOU DO AND DON`T AGREE ON. Once you`re done, you`re talking about each score as a team – which is important in all three areas. Things you can agree on pon go into your official team agreement (use what tool your team wants to document: Google documents, Word, Wikis, etc.). In every team, there will be things you won`t agree on. That’s the way it goes. You can also document these things.

At least everyone knows where the team is not aligned. Author: Lee S. Johnsen, CPT, CPLP, SPHR is an international leader in virtual team management, management development and performance improvement. He is an expert who helps global teams and their leaders meet the challenges and opportunities they face in a virtual world. He has spoken internationally about this and other issues that are pushing the public to expand its thinking and leadership practices. We all have our own preferences on how to work. If we work with others, we have to find common ground. Where are the files stored? How are they named? What are the reports? And again and again. If we are in the same place, we can afford to be a little careless about our processes. If a colleague has not saved a file in the right place, we can request it.

In a remote team, it takes more effort. We have to send a message or a call. And each step (even small) brings time and energy to the process.