Twitch Developer Agreement

14. Relationship of the parties. You and we are and will remain independent contractors at all times, and nothing in this agreement is interpreted as creating an agency, a job, an agent, a representative or any other relationship between you and us. They will not present themselves as collaborators, representatives or representatives of us. You understand and accept that you are not entitled to direct us in any way, to reach an agreement or to assume a responsibility towards us. For the purposes of calendar 2, the term „extension“ refers to your services that are licensed, sold, distributed or promoted in conjunction with Twitch Extensions in web application or their mobile, television and console equivalents. 3. Program materials: certain software, software development kits, libraries, application programming interfaces (APIs), services, documentation, specifications, sample code, data, metadata, technology and any other related or complementary hardware and information made available to you by or on behalf of Twitch depending on the program you participate in according to the corresponding schedule. For clarity, the program`s media do not contain global emotes or cheermotes of or In the event of conflict or inconsistency between this calendar 2 and the text of this agreement or any other timetable, the classification will be as follows: this agreement, calendar 2 and any other list.

This calendar 2 contains all the conditions, rules and policies that we make available for the participation and use of program material related to Twitch extensions, including documentation available on Twitch`s development website, especially in If you download a type of box or package or equivalent artwork representing your goods or services via the Twitch development website („portal content“), you herely accept that this portal content is „user content,“ since the term is defined in the Twitch terms of use according to („Terms of Use“) and that you are a user since that term is defined in the Terms of Use. All the terms and conditions applicable to the user`s content under the terms of use apply to the content of the portal. All user terms and conditions apply to you. This Agreement binds your use of program materials, unless you and Twitch have entered into another agreement that regulates your use of program equipment, in which case such another agreement replaces that agreement and conditions in the event of a conflict. Twitch can show specially formatted links on your Twitch channel page (a special link) that would lead Twitch users to purchase a product (as defined below). For any purchase of such a product that is a qualified purchase (as defined below), you will receive a fee (a „product purchase tax“) calculated as a certain percentage, as published by Twitch in the billing supplement, currently available on or tracking website (as is possible to update from time to time) (the „additional invoice“), (a) the purchase price of such a product, this price was indicated by Twitch at the time of the bound purchase and in the currency in which the attributable purchase was made, net of (b) discounts or promotions, taxes, service charges, discounts, payment fees (e.g.B.