Treasury Board Cx Collective Agreement

With respect to Recommendations 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 12, 13, 15, 16, 17, 18 and 19, we have developed a Declaration on Rolling and Responsible Duties in The Management of Leave and Overtime and will publish them by June 2006. This document describes the roles and responsibilities of all employees and managers, including CIRs in the leave authorization process, as well as the roles and responsibilities associated with the processing of leave and overtime operations. The RdDC agreed that it would ensure that the procedures described in this document are followed in each region within six months of publication, i.e. until December 2006. The audit criteria were established from the various collective agreements applicable to the Division, including non-prudential control and control services (correction services), health services, program and administrative services, operational services, financial management, etc. The criteria were also based on the policy of the Ministry of Finance and the SCC, as well as on the Commissioner`s instructions. This implies, among other things, that some collective agreements provide for lump sum payments to workers instead of retroactively increasing wages or compensatory bonuses. Unless otherwise made by the CFO, these lump sum payments must also be made to workers excluded from the collective agreement as exclusions from business or confidentiality, although they are classified as a category or professional level under the collective agreement. Employees do not record their overtime.

Based on the results of our on-site work at the Joyceville institution, we found that superiors contract and approve the right to overtime on behalf of staff. This information is then shared with management for verification and approval. Compensation advisors do not receive original registration of overtime work and rely on staff at junior institutions, for example. B casual agents, to ensure that the terms of the corresponding collective agreements have been properly respected. The right to overtime is passed on to the institution`s human resources advisors to contribute to the OTMS and then to compensation advisors for the introduction of salary information in the OTMS. There is a risk of underpayment or overpayment. This was demonstrated in our sample, which revealed a number of anomalies. For example, an employee at Kingston Correctional Centre was paid 12 hours of overtime with 2.0 hours instead of the correct rate of 8 hours to 1.5 and 4 hours to 2.0.

In addition, the results of the interviews showed that there was no revision of the salaries of the data on overtime at source. OTMS data is returned to the financial services of the institutions for FaA-Section 33 authorization. After approval, compensation officers enter overtime data into the PWGSC online compensation system. The common reports, which were originally available, are kept with the institution. Although we were able to fully accept the information contained in the joint application form with the OTMS reports, our audit revealed some anomalies with management approval and approval.