Hdb Resale Agreement

18.1 In the event that the seller or buyer has misrepresented or misrepresented the resale application, HDB may quash the resale application and take the necessary legal action against the seller or buyer, as considered by HDB`s sole discretion to be appropriate. 21.4 The buyer must be a Singapore Citizen resident or Singapore permanent resident at least 21 years of age at the time of the resale application. The resale application must include at least one listed occupant, Singaporean citizen or permanent resident of Singapore. The buyer and the proposed occupants must form a true family nucleus, Who includes: A witness must sign with the OTP (your seller or anyone who is a permanent resident of Singapore, aged 21 or older, and not participating in the resale transaction) Note: This is a misdemeanor of false information regarding the resale application – HDB can take the necessary steps, as indicated in the terms and conditions of sale, the option to purchase and the application form. 7.8 Documents, if the seller or buyer does not approve all documents on the HDB resale portal (or in any way, the HDB decides) or the payments required for resale within the time frame requested by HDB, the following information may vary depending on the seller and buyer who needs to be downloaded to support the resale application. Such termination does not affect the right of the seller or buyer to take the measures (if any) they deem appropriate under the sales and sale agreement, as evidenced by the option to purchase. Or you can use the HDB Resale Resale Flat Prices portal to check resale apartment prices paid over the past 2 years. She and the buyers must negotiate the resale price of the apartment and agree. 1.1 The sale and purchase of an HDB apartment („housing“) on the resale market is done according to procedures and procedures that HDB may determine from time to time. 26.4 The buyer must have a valid letter of offer from a bank/financial institution when exercising the option to purchase. He must have accepted the loan to the housing offered by the bank/financial institution when submitting his application for resale.