Contoh Dialog Agreement And Disagreement 5 Orang

Here is an example of a 5-person English conversation that can be used as a guide for you to have a good conversation in English of 5 people. Mogi`s Importance: Hi Ando! What do you think is so serious that you don`t realize you`ve been seen for a few minutes? Ando: What? There`s nothing. I just thought about making a nice surprise for Amelia Bona`s birthday: What? When`s Amelia`s birthday? I can`t believe he didn`t tell me about his birthday! Mogi: No one said his birthday to get a surprise, Bona. Ando, I can help you. How about taking them to the beach and having a simple birthday party for her? Ando: I like your idea, but a birthday party on the beach lasts a few days. Amelia`s birthday is the day after Tomorrow Bona: What? How fast is that? Why didn`t you tell us about that old Ando? Ando: I just found out from Char! Amelia is a simple girl, I think to make a simple party standing Mogi: I agree with you. Maybe it would be good to have a standing party in a high place with a nice view of the bona mountain: it`s a good idea! You can also have a barbecue – there`s one! Ando: It sounds interesting. I agree with you. Let`s buy some things for the party The appropriate expression to complete the dialogue is …. a. I do not agree with B at all. I can`t contradict C.

I never disagree with D. I agree with you. This example of dialogue will contain several different themes, which will allow us to learn the agreement of sentences and differences of opinion in different contexts. It is expected that after reading the following example of dialogue, we will be able to communicate consent and disapproval in English fluently. Without waiting any longer, here is an example of dialogue: 4. Example of dialogue agreement and disagreement 5 People Another example of English-ed broadcast conversations consent and contradict topics. In the example of the dialogue agreement and disagreements, 5 people talked about the exchange of views when they wanted to paint the walls of the classroom. Brief discussions and differences of opinion are an expression of consensus and disapproval. Examples: Top Photo Group Discussion illustrationS example dialogue of 3 peopleSintia: This film was released last week. Have you seen it? Ranti: Yes, I did. Bella: Oh, I watched it yesterday too. Sintia: Really? I`ve seen it too.

How do you feel about that? Ranti: I don`t really like it. There are plot holes that annoy me. Sintia: I agree with you. At the end of the film, I was not satisfied. Bella: Yes. But comedy A really helps, at least I could feel his emotions. Ranti: I`m not sure.