Community Responsibility Agreement

The health, safety and well-being of our students, staff and the local community are particularly important during the Covid 19 pandemic. Throughout the year, we`ll talk about the importance of being a caring neighbor and remind you of our expectations both on and off campus Our community team has put together a list of frequently asked questions to help you play your part. Royal Holloway, University of London is very keen to maintain good relations with the local community and to ensure that students who live in the local community can do so safely and responsibly. Every year we run our „Be a Good Neighbor“ campaign and this year there are other instructions to ensure that you and the local community will stay safe and protect you during Covid-19. Thank you in advance for helping to keep the Bucknell campus and the local community as safe and healthy as possible. Yes, yes. For all members of the IU community to be safe and healthy, all employees must follow the recognition instructions. All staff, teachers/academics, students and temporary workers are required to subscribe to the rating agency. Employees who are unable to finalize Cras online should contact their staff representative for a paper version. The purpose of the agreement is not to impose an additional code of conduct; It is about supporting the safety and well-being of the Community. It is an affirmation of common values – community, consideration for others, patience and tolerance and inclusion. It complements your existing responsibilities in university and university policy (represented by university and university contracts).

To ensure the safety of the Bucknell community, all students must respect the community responsibility agreement below. The signing of the agreement confirms the commitment of students to protect the health of all colleges, the university and the wider oxford community. The agreement outlines the new habits and adaptations needed in the face of the pandemic, which should allow everyone to have as safe a university and social activity as possible. Colleges (or departments for non-registered students without college) will ask students to sign it before the start of the Michaelmas semester. You can check out the agreement as well as some support FAQs on the students` coronavirus pages. The rating agency plays a crucial role in keeping all members of the IU community safe and healthy.